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18 Ways To Save

At Newport Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to helping you afford the absolute best veterinary care possible.   We never want clients leaving wondering if they spent too much or really needed to get a certain product or service.  That's why we put our money where our mouth is by offering 18 different ways for you to save.  This is our way of showing you that we believe in the care that we provide so much that our staff is willing to pay for part of your bill.  Click here on our Client Benefits Brochure to see our printable brochure.

These programs are:

1.  Pet Food Club - If you buy your pet food from our clinic we will pay for 10% of your feeding costs and 10% of your veterinary care.  This allows us to use your pet’s diet as a way of maintaining health and it allows you to make premium diets even more affordable than what you can find in the grocery store.  Safeway has cheap food but they don't pay your vet bills!  There is no cost to be in this club.

Pet Food Brochure

 2. Dental Club - we pay for $100 of the pet’s dental cleaning when owners partner with us to provide dental care when it is first needed.  This is a powerful tool to prevent periodontal disease and is the single easiest way to add 3-5 years to a pet’s life.

 3. Oregon Spay/Neuter program - as a form of community service we provide a complimentary surgery exam, low cost spay and neuter procedures, as well as reduced fees to combat overpopulation.  We work with many rescue organizations but all clients have access to this program.

 4. Complimentary Welcome Examination - we will provide an initial evaluation of your pet when you first visit our  hospital and doctors.  Then we will advise the owner of what would be the best course of care for their pet and the cost of that care.

 5. Senior Owners Discount - we provide 10% of the care for pets of seniors, 65 and over, to help them provide the best care possible for their pets. On Saturdays we increase the discount to 15%.

 6. Senior Pet Program – We provide special packages for our senior pets to reduce the cost of laboratory work that is needed as pets get older.

 7. Monthly Program – Each month we offer a special program to help owners with the overall care of their pets.  Some examples are reduced fees for parasite preventives, reduced vaccine prices and senior pet programs.

 8. Vaccine clinic - The middle of each month we provide a reduced fee for vaccines to help protect pets and their families (zoonotic diseases).

 9. Puppy/Kitten Packages - Special programs to help people start off on the right foot with their new pet.  

 10. Annual Pet Food Club drawing - One lucky client is randomly drawn from our Pet Food Club members and we provide 1 year of food or up to 6 large bags for one of their pets.

11. Rescue Groups - Our program provides an initial evaluation of pets they bring in and participation in any of our other programs as well as providing medications at a reduced cost to help them get the pets they are helping into new families.

 12. Preventive Wellness Packages - This is a great way for you to get everything your pet needs during the year at a great low monthly payment.

13. Pet of the Month - We do a random drawing each month from the clients that came in and one client is chosen and we pay for all their services for that visit up to $100.

 14. Pet of the Year - We do a random drawing of all the Pet of the Month winners and we award the winner all the services performed during the past year up to $1000.

 15. December Holiday Drawing - We do a drawing of clients that come in during the month and provide $1500 in vaccines, preventive products, and veterinary services

16. Refer a Friend Credit- This program is a big THANK YOU for referring your friends and family to us.  We understand how important it is for you to have a veterinary family that you can trust to meet your pets needs.  We want to help as many pets in our county so, when you refer that friend or family member we will put a $25.00 credit on your account.

17. Shock Wave Therapy - This is a high-energy sound wave that is able to penetrate deep to heal conditions fast.

18. Annual Pet Food Club Drawing - One lucky client is randomly drawn from our Pet Food Club Members and we provide 1 year of food or 6 large bags for one of their pets.