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Perry's Corner

Welcome to Perry's Corner

My name is Perry and I want to help keep you informed about all sorts of cool things in our world from my view.  Just a little background on me....I am a French Bulldog who loves hanging with my little boy and trying to help him with all his chores and homework.  I find that sometimes he listens to me and then sometimes not so much.  I like to watch cartoons on Saturday morning with my boy buried in the blankets because it is just so warm and to tell you the truth, I like my sleep.

March 22, 2013 ~ This sunshine feels so good as I am laying in my backyard.  What a week I have had, being a dog is so hard.  Of course not the fact that I have a lot of chores to do because I don't but, more in communication with my family.  This week I had a very upset tummy that kept me and my family up all night on Monday.  Let's just say that what was coming out the back end was far from pleasant.  I wanted to tell mom how I felt but she soon found out when she took me to work with her.  I had a fecal smear done which I was then told there was a lot of FAT in my poop.  O' Crap pardon the pun....this means mom knew I got into some of that nummy steak that they had a few nights ago.  I know who fed it to me but, for their protection and so I can get more later without mom knowing I won't tell a soul.  After getting some medicine from the doctor I feel much better.  So, learn from my gurgling tummy and mud butt issues that eating fat is not a good thing.  Even though it tastes sooooo good!

March 6, 2013 ~ Do you ever scratch or scoot your rear on the floor?  Well I realize that this feels good sometimes but, it may mean you have butt troubles or worms.  From one dog to the other dog if this is you then get your rear checked cause I don't want to sniff that and neither do your friends.  Mom says that if you are scooting because you have butt problems it could be what is called your anal glands and you may need to have them expressed at your veterinarians office.  They may be impacted or infected so get them checked out.  If your rear is fine and it is not your anal glands then you could have WORMS!!!!  Yuck, gross that is so disgusting!  Your veterinarian can check a poop sample and see under the microscope what kind of worm you may have and then you can get treatment.  Even better you can have your owner worm you monthly to prevent this problem.  It is a way to make your life comfortable and even protect your owners from getting them.  I kinda laughed at the thought of my owenrs scooting on the floor!  My mom uses a monthly parasite protection from Newport Veterinary Hospital that protects me from Roundworms, Tapeworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, Heartworms and kills Flea eggs and Larve.  It tastes okay but, at least I am not doing the Butt Scooting Boogie.

January 30, 2013~ I found this great article about an amazing cat while surfing the web.  This cat was lost during a family excursion and ended up finding her way home a few months later and about 200 miles.  I think this girl has more get up and go then me, I am not sure my husky figure could survive that distance or missing my boy for so long.  One thing that helped this little lady out was the fact her humans had her microchipped.  By scanning the chip the people that rescued her where able to identify her and contact those she loved.  I am glad I am microchipped, I just know that somebody would help me out and get me back to the little boy I love.  Here is the link for the amazing tale of this little lady and her trek.  You may want to keep the kleenex handy.